Hosting Events

Steps to hosting an event...

Hosting or managing an event is easy! Members hosting events is what makes GAMMA great. The only limit to what would be a good event is your imagination. Even if you think that your idea is 'off the wall', there're probably other members that would enjoy it too. Just follow these simple steps:

· Contact a board member with your idea. The board member will discuss your idea and check the master                                      calendar for possible dates and/or scheduling conflicts.

· Complete & submit the Event Planning Worksheet online or download a printable form and mail or eMail or give to a GAMMA board member.

· Have a fun event!  If you have any photos or feedback from your event, please share it with a board member. 

· Any event which involved collecting money/fees from members for submission to GAMMA, or that requires reimbursement, requires a report form be filed. This can be done by using the Event Financial Reporting Worksheet online or download a printable form.

Host/Event Manager Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

1.  How do I begin the process of hosting or managing an event?

Simply select an activity you enjoy and wish to share with the GAMMA membership.  Pick date/s (have one or two alternate dates) for your event, RSVP date, starting/ending times, location, meeting place, costs (if any), and the number of attendees your event will allow.

2.  Do I need to get approval from the GAMMA Board of Directors before hosting an event?

We only ask that you check with a member of the GAMMA Board of Directors before selecting your date.  The board member will check the GAMMA master calendar to make sure that there are no other conflicting events on the same date.  We do this to insure the highest attendance at each event.  It should be noted that two events of a different nature (i.e. a dining event and a sporting event) could occur on the same date.

3.  How do I get my event listed in the GAMMA Rays newsletter and on the GAMMA web site?

Complete an “Event Planning Worksheet” which can be completed on-line or downloaded from the GAMMA web site.  If you complete the form on-line it will be forwarded to the GAMMA Rays editor as well as the GAMMA Webmaster.  If you download the form, once you have completed it, e-mail or mail a copy to the GAMMA Rays editor and the GAMMA Webmaster.

4.  How do I handle any costs associated with my event?

First, decide if you need to have payments received from GAMMA members before the event or if attendees will pay for any event costs at the venue.  If attendees will be paying at the event, simply note that on the “Event Planning Worksheet.”  If you need GAMMA to cover the event costs prior to the event, you can request reimbursement from the GAMMA Treasurer.  Then request that event attendees send check payments (payable to Milwaukee GAMMA) to you.  After the event complete an “Event Financial Reporting Worksheet” which can be completed on-line or downloaded from the GAMMA web site.  If you complete the form on-line it will be forwarded to the GAMMA Treasurer.  If you downloaded the form, send the completed form along with the check payments to the GAMMA Treasurer via postal mail.

5.  What should I do on the day of the event?

You should arrive to the event site early and introduce yourself to everyone as they arrive.  Have any new members introduce themselves to the group and if there are any non-members in attendance – direct them to the GAMMA web site for more club information.  If you are so inclined, take pictures and forward them to the GAMMA Rays editor and GAMMA Webmaster.

6.  After the event, are there any follow up items I should complete?

If you collected funds then make sure to complete the “Event Financial Reporting Worksheet” and forward it on.  If this was a first time event, then only complete the event follow up questions of the “Event Financial Reporting Worksheet” and return it to a board member.

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